I’m Not Crooked, but I am Rubber

Hey there, have I pissed you off so much that you wish you can get a chance to punch me real hard in my face? With “ punch ball “  you ‘ve got my crazy looking face and  my “teeth full “ mouth right in your palm. Don’t be scared, my bodyguards won’t do a thing to stop you .  I may actually need someone to punch me back to my senses anyway, but I bet you, I won’t lose a tooth. ” Punch ball “, a rubber ball with a facial caricature of  a woman  political candidate boldly printed on it. Made of  a top quality rubber. Buy this ball  now! Don’t miss out on this because this is a collection item.
*NOTE This ball is shipped deflate just like my ideas, but not to worry you can pump me up with the air pump that is include.